E&P’s Need a “Bridge

Over Troubled Water”

With apologizes to Mr. Simon and Mr. Garfunkel, we need a new solution for produced water, because the system and procedure we have now is indeed troubled. That solution is called beneficial use. 

The change must first start with solutions which work for everyone – not just the E&P’s, but also the landowners, the agriculturalist, the ranchers, and, yes, even the environmental advocates.

Too long we’ve been okay with a costly system that doesn’t really benefit anyone. Injection has problems. Evaporation has problem. We can only start finding new solutions if we are willing to first change our minds about the old ones. At Encore Green, we have studied and researched long and hard and discovered those with solutions before us have not failed. They have, however, discovered 1,000 ways not to implement a better solution. 

At Encore Green, we have embarked on our first project. The only reason we are here is that some key people are ready to revise a system much in need of change and are willing to change to something better.

Tell me what you think. Are we in the energy and agricultural world too easy to accept things as they are without looking for a better solution?


Not Just “New”  

We Need “New and Different”

No matter your industry, there are areas that need to be re-thought and re-tooled. In the energy community, we have a screaming need for innovation as it relates to dealing with produced-water. Often our “new” produced-water management only means we have a new price point or a new efficiency to do the same methodology.

What we desperately need in the world of E&P is a solution that is both new and different.

Cleaning and treating your water is not enough. We must go further to make that newly cleaned water to be beneficial-use water. And, to up the stakes, we need to do it for the same or better cost that traditional means.

At Encore Green, we began with the end in mind and set out to create a solution that will satisfy the E&P, the ranchers, the agriculturalists, landowners, and activists. We listened and have heard each stakeholder’s needs. We have taken this research and learning and have begun to apply it to projects to turn produced water into something beneficial for all concerns. And, the price is better than what our clients are used to paying.

But it starts with deciding to do something both new and different. Send me a note – let’s talk about it.


Oil Field Landowners!

Got More Buried Treasure?

If you have sold or leased your mineral rights, you might sometimes feel like a pirate with buried treasure. But, what if I told you that there’s actually more treasure to be found in what you are already doing?

The produced water from the wells on your land could be re-purposed for beneficial agricultural or livestock needs. I’m sure you don’t have a plan or the contact to make that happen. But at Encore Green, that’s what we do. Our focus is to find ways to use the produced water that creates a benefit for everybody, especially the landowners. Drop me a line and we can talk about your unique situation and how we can help find even more treasure buried on your land.