It starts with a phone call or email.

     The Result? 

  • Oil moves
  • Crops grow
  • Landowners prosper
  • Livestock graze
  • Water is saved
  • The environment is better for it     

Encore Green, LLC is an agricultural company which serves the energy community by transforming produced by-product water into agriculturally beneficial-use water.

Encore Green, LLC

Cheyenne, Wyoming


We get it.

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Encore Green brings purpose to by-product water.

By-product water is a headache.

But, what if it was an opportunity instead?


We create a Win-Win-Win-Win solution.

E & P Executives – Agriculturists – Ranchers – Landowners – Environmentalists

Win - Win - Win  - Win

 Agricultural Beneficial Use Water Management

      The Cost?

  • Less than conventional water management solutions

We feel your pain. You have tried high-priced solutions for by-product water disposal and you  ended up with lots of technology and people on payroll. Yet, landowners, regulators, and environmentalists are still unhappy with your solutions. We have the antidote for your pain. That’s a Win.

You need water. Without it, crops wither and livestock dies. Encore Green’s system enables you to get water in parts of your land that you thought impossible. That’s a Win.

You have to pay your bills. The oil and gas industry pays you for your land. But what if your existing land could generate additional revenue for you? That’s a Win.

Water is precious. That’s why we have worked to create a system that gives to the environment instead of taking from it. That’s why we chose the name Encore Green. That’s a Win.