‚ÄčConservation By-DesignTM Meets Your Needs


If your land has or is near an industry creating by-product water, we can clean their water up to be used for ag and conservation on your own land. 

Conservation By-DesignTM  -- How It Works‚Äč


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Our methodology creates a better solution than injection or evaporation and we provide you with complete water makeup data.

transforming industry by-product water into clean water for ag and conservation



  • Near the site of by-product water, the soil is tested to determine optimal water vegetation growth.
  • Once determined, the water is cleaned to match those specs.
  • The water is re-tested to assure it's a match for the soil.
  • The water is applied to the land.
  • All of this is done with transparent test results, traceability via water batching, at a price at or less than conventional "disposal."
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Whether oilfield or manufacturing, we have a solution to "dispose" of your by-product water -- nature's way.

Industry water is cleaned, then used  to stop soil erosion, create grasslands, sequester carbon, and grow vegetation. All with transparent water data.